Hi Lynn.  I came to see you about 6 years ago and you told me that my son will save someone's life when he is in his thirties.  Then you asked me if the name Cora meant anything. It didn't. Today, my son, who is in his 30th year and is a teacher, saved the life of a 14 year old girl in his class. She had stopped breathing from choking.  Her name was Cora! I certainly got very emotional today!  

- Cathie K.

Cruise Baby!

OMG Lynn! As if you did not already blow my mind in the reading you did for me. What you said is continuing to come true. During our reading you asked me, "So, did you book the cruise yet?" I said, "No. I am not going on a cruise." You were insistent and said, "Oh yes you are!" I replied with, "No. My hubby has health issues and I do not see anything like that happening."  You again said, "Oh yes! You ARE going! It is going to be unplanned and just come up but you are going." Well...I won a cruise Friday night and am making plans now to go. I wanted to let you know how totally blown away I am. Thank you again for the reading!

- Darlene A.

Let's Party!

Hi Lynn! I was wondering if I could book another party with you. It was totally awesome last time. My girlfriends are bugging me so much for another one. They thought when they saw you that you were good, but then the weeks went on and everything that you said to each and every one of us came true. They are awestruck and they want more - as I do too! 

- Rachel M.